Accelerator Pedal Mod

When you fit a 200Tdi to a series Land Rover you somehow have to get the rod operated series linkage into the 200 Tdi linkage designed for cable operation. The simple way is to put a rod onto the operating lever on the injector pump. This works, but has a few odd quirks, especially in rough ground where there seems to develop a harmonic between the engine mounts, the suspension and the drivers foot.

A good way out of this is to go to the Discovery cable operation. The usual route to this was to fit the defender accelerator pedal arrangement, but a new one costs a lot of pennies and there seems to be a shortage of them in scrap yards

I am sure it has been done before, but my mod was to use the series pedal, but put an extra arm on it so it replicates the defender design and then run the cable from above through a hole in the bulkhead.

Pictures below. The dimensions do not appear to be critical (either that or I was very lucky). Cut the steel about 4 inches long, offer it up to the pedal (after you have taken it off the vehicle) and clamp it so that one end sits tight up against where the bend starts on the pedal as it goes around the pedal shaft and drill the bolt hole using the hole on the pedal as a guide. This will avoid any tendency to twist around the bolt in service. Drill it out 8mm so you can use an M8 bolt. Do this before you bend it.

Bend it by putting it in the vice and hitting with a big hammer (works for me).

The clevis forks are made from two bits of steel bolted together through a 4mm hole to make sure they are both the same. Then cut to shape and clean up with a file. I silver soldered them on, but welding would be as good. If you put a bit of 5mm steel with a 4mm hole in it between them and bolt them up tight, they should stay in place the right distance apart while you weld/silver solder. Make sure the 5mm piece is well clear of solder/weld.

Afterwards trim everything to shape and re-drill the hole to 4.75mm.

The hole in the bulkhead should be 1/2 inch (12.7mm). A reinforcing plate around the hole might be an idea.



The pedal installed

The pedal installed

The other side of the bulkhead with the reinforcing plate

The other side of the bulkhead with the reinforcing plate