Lane End Players

Now all up and running again!

At long last, I hear you say, the video of Treasure Island is finished, or as finished as any video ever is. I have also uploaded some of the songs as individual items.

But before that, the apologies. Working four cameras at once leads to a few compromises. Three of the cameras are in fixed mounts and the fourth in a position that is dictated by emergency exits, but also by not being in the audience’s way.

Some of the action in the auditorium was out of sight of all cameras and had to be cut, Boris, Cross and Scull’s leading of the “community singing” near the end just didn’t look right on video and didn’t bring the story forward at all, so sorry guys, it didn’t make the cut. If you want a separate short of this please ask me.

I will try to work on a much shorter version (ten minutes?), but abridging things is not one of my great skills, so if anyone wants make suggestions about what should be kept, I can supply a version with a timecode on it for them to use. Contact me at

The videos have been uploaded to from where they can be streamed or downloaded (the full version is 1 hour 45 and 4gb, so if your internet connection is as good (!) as mine, it might be an overnight job to download). The sheer size was another reason for cutting it down. If anyone has major problems viewing or downloading, get in touch and I will find a way of getting the files to you in a form that will play on a computer.

If anyone wants to embed any of them elsewhere, you can do that from Vimeo; I have taken all the restrictions off. As far as I am concerned the videos are in the public domain and will claim no copyright to them (although a credit is always welcome).

Any complaints or suggestions please let me know at Also, for videographers, comments on Vimeo are like applause is for actors.

The raw files will stay on a hard drive for a few weeks, but the sheer space (1.5tb, which is over 300 DVDs full) precludes long term storage. I will, of course, keep the finished videos which are at a format of 1280 x 720 at 5mbs.

Finally thank you all for the help and co-operation you all gave me, it would not have been possible without.

The videos are uploaded onto Vimeo from which they can be viewed or downloaded and the links below will take you to the correct place in Vimeo. I will upload further videos as they become available and put the links here.

The various videos can be seen at these links:

The Full Pantomime       


Time Flies When You’re Having Rum
Uptown Girl                                           
Walking on Sunshine                           
Our Ship                                                 
Do You Hear the Pirates Sing            
I Eat Cannibal                                        
 Will Survive