The videos only really started about four years ago. When I retired I had decided to get back into photography again; in the 70s I had been very keen, had bought a Mamiya camera at great expense (£135, which was nearly a month’s pay at the time) and spent a lot of time developing and printing monochrome pics.

Life sort of intervened, cross country gliding and professional flying left little time and the camera gathered dust in the attic. By 2012 I was realising that digital photography was so good and I wanted to get involved, so I bought a Canon EOS 650D.

I soon realised that the camera also took very good video and I started to try to video the concert band my wife played in at various local fetes. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, but with encouragement from my daughter I got a bit better. I enrolled on a beginners course at Film Oxford and watched a lot of video tutorials on the internet.

I soon realised that to make a job of filming the band I needed more cameras and decent sound recording equipment. Fortunately the pension was up to the task and over the next five years I acquired a number of cameras and a good sound recorder. By this time my wife had joined another band and the conductor was very keen on videos of them. I also got more serious with the editing (again under my daughter’s encouragement) and have now taken over the front room with my “editing suit” such as it is.

I now shoot largely in 4k and reduce to lower definition in the editor.

The subjects have spread to include the local steam railway and more recently a pair of Flamenco dancers. Some other things in the pipeline.

If you want to look at them, go to:

Arrival of GWR Small Prairie Tank at Chinnor, Feb 2018